Georgina Miranda

Who does it

Current Country of Residence: USA

Languages Spoken: Spanish & English

Georgina is an ambitious and empathetic entrepreneur and leader with over 16 years’ experience spanning from start-ups to global environments. Georgina has a diverse background leading teams and advising clients in the areas of Vision Setting, Strategy Execution, Alignment, Change Leadership, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Process Improvement with the aim of driving growth, change and optimisation. She is driven by making organisational visions a reality, and by helping teams and individuals achieve their goals with clarity and purpose by alignment, and defined measures. Her thoughtful approach solves complex problems with balanced pragmatism and creativity to promote functionality and adoption. She is an avid adventurer and advocate for women and climate change, currently in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam, a feat which less than 15 women globally have completed.

Georgina’s coaching style is people-centred with a focus on transforming performance and developing leaders and company culture. Her previous career in consultancy worked to deliver business objectives and achieve organisational alignment across various functional areas with a focus on business execution. She has worked at executive level with clients to develop strategic direction, and drive change leadership programmes to transform organisational performance and deliver sustainable results.