Hyacinth Guy

Who does it

Current Country of Residence: Trinidad

Languages Spoken: English

In her 35 years as a practitioner of Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management, Hyacinth has motivated senior levels of management to implement personal and team changes. With her considerable experience, an MBA and a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Hyacinth has recently founded her own Human Resource company. With an orientation towards personal and organisational development, as well as strategic human resource management, she integrates her holistic interests, qualifications and vast knowledge of the private, public and business sectors.

She has held director and president level roles in the aviation and logistical industries the Caribbean and Europe. Responsible for the implementation of a variety of strategic Human Recourse management projects, Hyacinth’s passion, application of experience and practical coaching ensures an individual’s motivation is aligned to their personal ambitions and the goals of their organisation.

Sitting on the board of many organisations, such as the Employers’ Consultative Association and The Society for Human Resource Management, she strives to maintain her forward-thinking approach to coaching and leadership practices.