There is more to leadership than leading…

Values-Based Leadership

Values guide us in life. The closer our personal values align with our organisation’s, the better. Our values are brought to life and demonstrated through how we behave. Our programme of values-based leadership, bespoke to your company and its requirements, will help guide leaders and followers to build team unity.

LEAD Programme

Using values-based leadership as the starting point, our proven lead programme is based on three core elements: Self-Awareness, Leading Others and Effective Teams. Using experiential learning and experienced facilitation, we give leaders, followers and teams the space to identify what they need to do to be successful. This is supported by a range of tools and agreed ways of working.


We work with you to identify the necessary and agreed behaviours you want from your organisation. We help you create a set of behaviours for leaders and followers that give all the team the guidance they need. These behaviours are then aligned with your performance and HR reporting.

Coaching & Mentoring

We also individually coach and mentor your leaders. Using our bench of experienced leaders and executive coached we can meet the needs of individuals who require additional development in their role.