The Problem

  • Constant change: The world is changing constantly, we need fast-paced adaptable leaders and companies.
  • AI, recent conflict, COVID-19 and globalisation have created a new and challenging arena for leaders.
  • A lack of leadership training means teams are unable to work together effectively. This creates low leadership effectiveness and underperforming teams.
  • Leaders with ineffective and reactive traits like perfectionism, conservatism or arrogance have a direct negative result on company performance.
  • Company language: A lack of an agreed terminology causes different interpretations of discussions and decisions resulting in misalignment.

The Solution

  • Nileus galvanises companies with leadership learning drawn from our shared experiences in critical and life-and-death scenarios.
  • We offer experiential learning that trigger flashes of insight, introduce agreed behaviours and develop the right mindset for great results.
  • We have distilled complex learnings into easy-to-learn concepts that drive understanding and create accountability.


  • Setting clear direction: the most successful companies in the world are those who have a shared clear vision of where they want to go.
  • Creating the effective leaders and followers that will make and let it happen.
  • Effective leaders are key for motivating a team into delivering exponential results. 
  • Creating a common language that allows your teams to understand each other in any situation.
  • We conduct follow ups with you to check behaviours and enable course correction to ensure successful implementation.

Who Does It

  • As leaders in our own fields, the Nileus team has a combined experience of diverse learnings from a wide range of industries and professions.
  • For example, our CEO, Richard Watts takes his twenty-five years as a senior operational leader in the British Royal Marines and translates it for the business world.
  • We also have a highly qualified Human Resources Director on staff who is experienced with using psychometric testing to uncover hidden potential in your employee base.
  • Several of our employees have experience creating innovative start-ups and high performing sale teams.