Jenny Watts FCIPD

Who does it

Current Country of Residence: UK

Languages Spoken: English & French

Jenny focuses on designing innovative leadership development programmes to deliver and embed long-term behavioural change. She specialises in motivating people to action through engaging learning interventions and building a positive mindset in learners from management trainees to CEOs.

Jenny has had HR director roles in a global management consultancy, and both private and public sector organisations. She has a strong academic background having worked as a Lecturer and CIPD Programme Manager, with a Master’s in Learning and Development of Adults. Additionally, she was recruited to manage turnaround initiatives for failing CIPD programmes. Previous projects, designed and delivered, include Coutts Consulting ‘Options for Change’ transformation of Armed Forces and ‘Women into Management’ programmes for Plymouth City Council. She has specialist knowledge regards adapting working culture in times of stress and reaching goals whilst maintaining an advantageous collective employee culture.


How has your educational background influenced your career? 

I have studied HR, leadership, management, adult education, and development at a post-graduate level – alongside developing my career. This allows me to see the true value of providing education and development opportunities that prepare clients for their future roles. This ‘on the job’ approach enables individuals to apply their learning immediately and develop productive behavioural patterns throughout their careers. 

How long have you been delivering Leadership Development, and for whom? 

I started in 1993, when I was selected to be a Lecturer and Course Leader at the Plymouth College for Further Education in the ‘Options for Change’ initiative. This program supported veterans transitioning out of the military into careers in the private sector.

Each attendee received a Resettlement Training Program and an accredited Leadership and Management Qualification appropriate to their military rank. I was put in charge of the commissioned officers for the Army, Navy and RAF leaving the Armed Forces in the South West. Since then, I have worked in multiple private sector companies while continuing to teach at a post-secondary level.

I am particularly proud of my work as Global Head of People for MckinneyRogers. Thanks to my work there, I am now a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD UK).

What values underpin your passion for working in this industry?

To create meaningful work, leaders should nurture a safe environment for others to speak up and tell truth to power. Frank and honest communication allows input from all and increases both individual and team accountability. Such honourable values showcase integrity and improve development opportunities – while enabling a cohesive effort towards a common goals