Katrin Bitterle

Who does it

Current Country of Residence: Switzerland

Languages Spoken: German & English

Describing herself as internationally minded, but German at heart, Katrin combines her punctuality and organisation with a fluid and limitless approach to working. Process improvement and transformation are her speciality, and in past projects she was the catalyst to productivity increases of 180%-190% in teams within the insurance industry. Due to her personable intuition with clients’ desired successes and values, she was able to implement these changes in seven months. Driven by an understanding of the support required to lead an effective team, Katrin seeks to tap into individuals’ own intuitions and personal strengths, thus, bringing out a decisive self-confidence and nurture an authentic, high-performance leader. Most recently consulting in the oil and gas industry she also has experience in the chemical and manufacturing sector.

Not only adding the German language to Nileus’ team, she brings a female-orientated focus to industries generally biased towards male-dominated authority. Priding herself on results that inspire and empower women, whilst creating team unity, she applies tangible tools to experimental learning and mindset realignment. Overtime, this builds the foundations for sustainable and effective transformation into longstanding value-based teams. Holding a Master’s of Science in Economics Education and being a certified professional coach who has helped 500 executives globally, this approach clearly proves its worth.