Paolo Rovelli

Who does it

Current Country of Residence: Spain

Languages Spoken: Italian, English and Spanish

In his 20 years of international business consulting across Europe and North America, creativity has reaped rewards for Paolo. He combines this unique approach with emotional intelligence to empower individuals to self-assess their talents, weakness, relationships and how these can be transformed to proactively influence their corporate and personal roles.

Obtaining a degree in Marketing and Managerial Accounting and a Master’s in Economics and Innovation Management, Paolo became a lecturer of Information Technology for Business in both Italian and English. His merit to lecture in this field was gained through creating and implementing digital media strategies, in a collaborative style, across multiple department teams of a globally orientated FTSE 100 company. Following this he increased operational excellence through application of his specialist area of consulting, relational and communication styles.


How have you adapted your professional approach to suit a client’s culture? 

Understanding a group’s culture is fundamental to being a leader and a leader’s trainer. When working, I emphasise aligning values and behaviours, helping build trust and instilling credibility and reliability. 

What is your unique approach to leadership? 

I am specifically trained in innovation management, and this way of working is fully embedded in my professional persona, delivery and behaviour. To me, this means promoting the concept of continuous improvement and support of other colleagues, departments and businesses. 

How long have you been delivering Leadership Development? 

For a decade, initially working on a four-year cultural transformation project within two major insurance companies. I focused those teams and departments on transforming their mindset. This led to developing aligned behaviors and a more agile way of working, using a consistent shared language.

I joined Nileus in 2019, delivering the LEAD program, coaching directors and their teams to achieve high performance. 

What element of your career do you take the most pride in? 

The goal of any Leadership Development should be to train a leader to take your place, so that you can step out. I do this by developing essential behaviours to earn their followers’ trust; install courage; make difficult conversations easy; motivate productive followership; and form genuine interpersonal relationships to allow room for successful conflict management.